Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear Shareholders,

The recent events regarding rental arrangements and parking have highlighted several issues that we all should bear in mind as circumstances change. We feel that that whole community supported the board in upholding the Springdell standards over the past couple of months, and we are grateful for the support. Here are some lessons learned – you may think of others:

1. Shareholders MUST comply with the rules to circulate intentions to rent and sell. This includes swapping one renter with a new one. Many issues could have been avoided over the past few months if the board and neighbors had been able to respond to prospective rental arrangement, and subsequently if they had known who was actually living where, and how to contact them.

2. The board cannot consent to a proposed rental arrangement that breaches county rules (of having no more than 2 unrelated families in a single family dwelling). The county recently issued eviction notices to renters breaching this rule.

3. Parking on the road is not acceptable – it is a hazard to emergency vehicles, potentially a nuisance to other residents, and can also be an eyesore. Residents are responsible to see that this rule is obeyed, and any towing fee will be applied to the owner of the vehicle, and to the resident being visited. Visitor parking is available in the lower dell, and discussions are underway in the upper dell to designate suitable areas for parking.
It is true that rules always seem a little cold. The hope is that if we remind people of them a little more, it is less likely that we will have to enforce them.

Thanks for making this into the great community that we all enjoy.

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